1. Why an inspection?
    A house is the largest expense most people will have during their lifetime. As a homebuyer/seller you do not want to be surprised with unknown and costly repairs. A home inspection can identify deficiencies in a house so the buyer is aware and can make an informed decision during the purchasing of a home.
  2. Exterior
    The exterior inspection includes an overview of the grounds, walkways and driveways, roofs, garage, decks / patios, siding, doors and windows, exterior electrical components, and the portions of the visible foundation.
  3. Interior
    The interior inspection includes the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, bedrooms, additional rooms, along with the basement and crawl space (if applicable). Doors and windows are checked for operation, water flow, water leaks, ventilation along with the attic, visible framing and the visible foundation is inspected.
  4. Mechanical / Electrical
    The mechanical portion of the inspection includes the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Also inspected are the water and fuel services, supply and drain lines, and water heater(s). The electrical inspection includes the main service panel and sub panels if applicable, electrical fixtures, and visible wiring.
  5. Final inspection report
    The final report is documentation of the thorough assessment of the property inspected. It is a visual inspection of the house. It includes areas that were not operating, significant issues / defects, potential safety hazards and maintenance items at the time of the inspection.